Get the best out of your business

Geidans Solutions. Now you can.

The Problem

As a small or medium sized business owner, you’ve come a long way fast.

You’re poised for success. You’ve invested time, money and effort in people, technology and systems to increase efficiency.

So why isn’t the business performing even better?

Geidans Solutions are problem solvers for SMEs.

We believe in empowering SMEs by improving how they work. The reward to you is growth. The reward to us is making that happen for you.

If your business processes are holding you back from what you could achieve – let’s find a Geidans Solutions. If it’s thinkable, it’s possible.

Consistently deliver high quality software solutions, in budget and on time

We have hired GS to work a number of projects for us over the past several years and they consistently deliver high quality software solutions, in budget and on time. The quality of their software exceeds expectations, and the customisation they offer is the best and most flexible on the market. Communication with their team is easy and thorough, and they are always on hand to help. They put the customer before the business of making money, carefully listening to our requirements, and even advising on external solutions if they better meet our needs.

Head of Digital Transformation

Think Smarter.
Grow Faster.
Compete Harder.

Why us?

We save you money.
We help you make more money.

We believe if you control your processes, you control your business.

We streamline your systems, optimise your processes, increase your efficiency. Putting you back in control. And we just happen to do it through powerful technology and software.

Every Geidans Solutions project aims to deliver positive ROI within the first 12 months. You see tangible benefits to your bottom line fast.

That’s Why Us.


At Geidans Solutions, we have over 20 years’ experience in solving the process issues that hold many SMEs back from achieving real growth.

SME owners are can-do, make-it-happen people. So are we.

A Geidans Solution means you get the best out of your business.

Want to work better, grow faster and compete on a bigger playing field?